Nylatron Bushing Kit, Rear Trailing Arms - Triumph TR4A-IRS TR250 TR6


Nylatron bushing kit for the rear trailing arms of Triumph TR4 IRS, TR250 and TR6 models.  Includes all necessary nylatron bushings and new hardware.

For competition style handling your car's suspension needs to be properly located during movement.  Rubber bushing squish and degrade, and while harder polyurethane is an improvement, nothing works as well as nylatron short of using roller bearings in the suspension joints.  Nylatron is a hard nylon impregnated with molybdenum to make it self-lubricating.  Bushing sleeves are made from corrosion resistant stainless steel.

This is a performance part.  NVH (Noise / Vibration / Harshness) will increase, but may not be uncomfortable depending on your preferences.

Price: $89.95

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