Relay (6RA), Horn / Overdrive / Starter - MGB, Triumph Spitfire TR3A TR4 TR250 TR6


This is an original style metal case 6RA relay to suit various British car applications.  These relays now come with a fully sealed terminal face, that keeps moisture out of the interior of the relay - increasing electrical circuit reliability.  This relay suits the following applications:

MGB - D-type Overdrive Relay (upto 1967)
MGB - Starter Relay (1970-1976)
Triumph Spitfire - Starter Relay (1974-1975)
Triumph TR3A, TR4, TR4A, TR250, TR6 - A-Type Overdrive Relay
Triumph TR4A, TR250, TR6 - Horn Relay

Price: $29.95

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