Rewind Alloy Wheel - TR4A, TR250, TR6


Wishbone Classics introduced the Rewind wheel to the British car world at its launch in 2005.  It has been one our most popular sellers offering a great blend of style and strength.  With special website pricing for the remainder of 2010, our 15x7 wheel package is over half the price less than a comparable Panasport set. 

The Rewind is offered in two sizes, 15x7 and 16x7, with zero offset.  Available in two colors, graphite and silver, both with a polished outer lip. 

Price comparison to Panasport and KN Mini-Lite style wheels:

WBC Rewind 15x7 KN Mini-Lite 15x5.5 (Moss) Panasport 15x6 (Moss)
$159.95 / wheel $189.95 / wheel $299.95 / wheel
$100 (full install kit) $110.40 (set of 16 lug nuts) $63.22 (set of 16 lug nuts)
TOTAL: $739.80 TOTAL: $870.20 TOTAL: $1263.02

As with all 7" wide wheels on the IRS TR4A, TR250 and TR6 we recommend fitting longer wheel studs to the front hubs and adding wheel spacers.  Certain cars, especially those with modified or lowered suspensions, have been known to have rubbing issues at or near full steering lock.  We offer an installation package that includes a set of correctly fitting longer wheel studs, a pair of universal fit 5mm wheel spacers for the front wheels, and 16 chrome plated lug nuts.  The rear wheels do not require longer studs or spacers.

All pricing, including options, is per wheel. 

Due to item shipping size, additional shipping fees may be applied.

Price: $139.95

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