Stainless Exhaust Header, 6-3-1 Street, Triumph TR250 & TR6


UPDATE JULY 23rd 2011: Recent engine dyno testing has proven this header capable of supporting in excess of 180hp.  We've always known it to be a good street header, and past and now current dyno results have confirmed this header is highly suitable towards a range of street engines.

This is our basic 6-3-1 configuration exhaust header constructed in stainless steel for Triumph TR250 & TR6.  Excellent header for mildly tuned street cars, supports 165hp and due to primary pipe pairings helps provide a smoother idle for cars equipped with rougher cams. 

This is the best mild street header available for the TR250 & TR6 on the market.

The splitter is required if you wish to run a dual exhaust.  The addition of an O2 sensor bung is also an option. 

Price: $699.95

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