Triple Weber Intake Manifold Kit by Cannon - Triumph TR6 1972-1976


We have always preferred the Cannon triple Weber intake manifolds for Triumph TR250 and TR6 engines.   And now we are pleased to be able to offer brand new Cannon triple Weber DCOE manifold kits again for TR6 engines.

The distinct advantage of the Cannon over the TWM unit is that the Cannon features a full length cross over tube across all six of the runners.  This is especially important for street driven vehicles using the intake manifold vacuum as the vacuum source for the power brake servo.  The TWM manifold only offers a vacuum take-off from a single runner, which provides insufficient vacuum for the brake servo to operate properly.   Additionally, we have found that the Cannon manifolds are more generous with material placement, so that they can be ported more effectively.  In the past we have had to reject TWM manifolds due to lack of material and excessive casting core shift causing uncorrectable misalignment between the ports and cylinder heads.

Kit includes the manifold and all linkage and mounting adaptors required to install a set of triple Weber DCOE carburettors (or similar, such as Dellorto DHLA).

Price: $735.00

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