WBC 300M Steel H-Beam Connecting Rod - Triumph GT6 TR250 TR6


This is the finest connecting rod ever manufactured for the Triumph inline-6 engine, and only offered from Wishbone Classics.
Produced from exotic 300M (S155) ultra-pure vacuum remelted steel this rod is as light as a titanium rod would be, but with greater strength.  300M is 25% stronger than an equivalent rod manufactured from the more commonly used 4340 steel.  Because of the superior strength, a rod manufactured from 300M can have thinner sections resulting in lower mass without compromising overall strength.
WBC 300M rod weight is a nominal 415g per rod.  This is a full 45 grams lighter than the weaker rod available from Carrillo.  All of our h-beam rods also feature a 5/16" bolt which is far stronger than the 1/4" diameter bolt supplied with Carrillo GT6/TR6 rods.
Our standard 300M rod suits the standard big end bearings and piston wrist pin size, minimum bore size for rod to fit down is 75.5mm (2.972", +032 over STD).  Custom rods can be produced to suit smaller wrist pin diameters, or alternative big end bearing shells (Honda type).
If you want the best rod for your Triumph GT6 / TR250 / TR6 engine, this is it, without question.
Priced individually, but only sold in weight-matched sets of six (6).

Price: $314.95

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