WBC TR6 Billet Steel Crankshaft


May 2017: A batch of our TR6 billet cranks are just going through final grinding and nitriding.  They'll be on hand in 2-3 weeks.

April 2016: Generation 2 of our billet cranks are now in stock.  Slightly revised design after 3 years of the original production design.  Improved high-RPM counterweighting and increased stiffness.  Weight gain was only 4oz over the origianal design.  Rod journals are also now completely hollow (original 2012/2013 design was only drilled from one side, about halfway through).  Updated product photo to follow shortly.

We've commissioned the design and manufacture of our own billet crankshafts for Triumph TR6s.   There is not be a finer TR6 billet crankshaft on the market.  Our billet TR6 crank weighs 48lbs 6oz (21.9kg), making it the lightest crankshaft available for the TR6.


Over the years we have been unsatisfied with the available billet cranks from the UK.  These cranks are dated in design and manufacture, resulting in an overweight assembly that is lacking in features.  Our cranks are being designed and manufactured by a top tier crankshaft firm in the USA who produces billet cranks for all levels of motorsports using state of the art multi-axis CNC equipment.

Current design specification (initial Oct 2012 / revised Jan 2013):

  • Ultra-pure 4340 VAR steel produced by Latrobe Specialty Steels in Pennsylvania (former Timken steel mill)
  • Multi-stage heat treatment resulting in a tough inner core
  • Ion nitrided surface to a depth of 0.015-0.020" for superior journal surface wear resistance and up to 60% increase in fatigue life over un-nitrided and shallow nitrided cranks.
  • Shot-peened exterior
  • Fully counterweighted design with dummy main spacing
  • Large radius journal fillets
  • Bull-nose leading edge on counterweights to reduce aero / windage losses at high RPM
  • Gun drilled along main centerline, removes double the mass of the previously planned under-cuts.  The gun drilled centerline also will help equalize crank case pressure, especially with respect to the two center pistons moving in unison on engines equipped with high windage baffles or crank scrapers. (rev Jan 8th 2013)
  • Lightening holes in all rod throws
  • Optimal straight-shot oiling layout
  • 6 bolt, 2 dowel crank flange layout (will also work with standard 4/1 flywheels); crank rear flange length is of the later short style found on 70-76 TR6 cranks.
  • Precision balanced out of the box
Price: $4,495.00

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