Crankshaft Damper, Remanufactured - Triumph TR250 & TR6


While you may be able to have your crankshaft damper rebuilt more inexpensively elsewhere, we guarantee our dampers to have 100% accurate timing mark alignment and the rubber bond is guaranteed for life.  You won't find a better rebuilt damper from any other British car parts vendor.
We used to deal with the lower priced damper rebuilders, but the timing marks never were aligned correctly.  They were commonly off by 2 degrees, and as much as 12 degrees on a few instances.  We could not understand why it was so difficult to align the marks correctly, and so we found a more reliable solution but at greater expense.
This is the damper we require on all of our TR250 & TR6 engine builds, or else we will not warantee the engine.  A properly functioning damper is critical to the longevity of your engine.
Rotational balancing is an option.  Much like how a tire is balanced, the damper is spun at a fixed RPM, the amount of imbalance and location is determined, and then the appropriate amount of mass is removed from the damper in order to give it zero imbalance.
Select the correct pulley groove size for your engine.
Repairing chipped pulley grooves and cutting a new keyway are extra charges above a standard rebuild.
January 2015: Due to customers not returning their old dampers, we have had to raise the core charge from $90 to $125 to encourage more core returns.

Price: $179.95

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