Pushrod, HD Chromoly Tubular - Triumph GT6 TR250 TR6


We offer the finest chromoly tubular pushrods available for your Triumph inline-6. Our standard tubular pushrod is over 50% stiffer than the lower quality tubular pushrod sold by our competitors.  That does mean our pushrod has a bit more mass, however stiffness is of far greater importance with regard to pushrod design than light weight.  Pushrod tubes are heat treated seamless chromoly tubing with a smooth ground external finish, pushrod end tips are manufactured from a highly wear and impact resistant alloy steel containing chromium, molybdenum and nickel as the primary alloying elements.
Your valvetrain is only meant to have one valve spring in it, if the pushrod flexes under compression, you have effectively added a second valve spring of unknown rate and unknown frequency into the system!
We offer the pushrod in two different diameters.  For street and mild race use, the standard 5/16" diameter tubular pushrod we offer is adequate.  For very high RPM race use with high valvetrain loads, choosing our 3/8" diameter tubular pushrod is suggested.  Using the 3/8" diameter pushrod will require that the cylinder head be relieved to allow adequate clearance to large diameter pushrod body without rubbing.
All tubular pushrod measurements are based on "effective length" this is the actual length between the two points of contact on the pushrod.
Our pushrod sets are available with staggered intake and exhaust lengths, to accomodate camshafts that may be ground on a different base circle size for the intake lobes versus the exhaust lobes.
All pushrod sets are manufactured to order, to the specific length you need!  We have adjustable pushrod tools that can be purchased at minimal cost for you to figure out the exact length pushrod required for your engine.  No guessing!  No "close enough" lengths!  Do it properly, and measure the correct length for your engine configuration.
Priced individually, but only sold in full sets of 12.

Price: $13.95

(supply measurement to nearest 0.001")

(supply measurement to nearest 0.001")

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